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Why Commercial and Domestic properties should go Eco

January 17, 2019

The choice of eco cleaning products is a very important decision for our health and for the environment. Eco / green cleaning products are characterised by the composition of biodegradable elements avoiding toxic waste in our home and in the environment.

Traditional cleansers, detergents and softeners are often dangerous chemical cocktails, which include highly toxic substances. Eco products do not cause eye or skin irritation or aggravate other dermatological conditions and the likelihood of allergic reactions is minimised since they undergo a lot of controls or rigorous checks under commercial production. They contain powerful natural ingredients that are not carcinogenic or teratogenic. It‘s really important to choose eco friendly cleaning products and to make our environment aware of the importance of it and our responsibility to make to a healthy home and environment.

It‘s up to us to find the balance between a cleanliness that respects the individual and the environment, without renouncing proper disinfection and hygiene.