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Why choose Eco Friendly Cleaners

February 23, 2018

As our lives become busier, more stressful and less time to clean our homes and cleaners are in search of time saving quick cleaning techniques, it’s easy to move towards the latest cleaning products that promise easy and quick fix. Did you ever think about what’s in that container and what they could cause?

Most of these cleaning products are made up of cocktails of corrosive chemicals which can be harmful to your health, your family as well as to the environment.

Using Eco friendly cleaning products will provide;

1.  Healthier homes/offices and family:

Using Eco friendly products protects users or beneficiaries from chemical exposure. “No longer will there be chemicals absorbed into the skin or breathed in by the person cleaning,” Leslie Reichert, author of Joy of Green Cleaning, says. This means you and your loved ones will no longer breathe in chemical residues left from the cleaning detergent.

2.  Healthier environment:

Using eco friendly cleaning products prevent the release of harmful chemicals into our environment. This helps to eliminate pollution of the air and our water bodies. We have one of the largest, deep, freshwater lochs here in Highland covering approximately 23 miles (37 km) and we don’t want to be polluting this natural beauty. Changing to eco friendly cleaning products will be contributing to minimize the global climate change and also support other environmental efforts such as improving indoor air quality, reducing energy usage and local recycling.

3.  Less Risks:

There are always significant risks when handling conventional cleaning products that can potentially cause chemical burn to eyes, skin and also in the unfortunate eventuality that a child were to come into contact with the product. Many people experience skin irritation after usage of chemicals. Green products meet strict standards regarding inhalation, toxicity, combustibility and skin absorption.

As concerns for health become more prevalent and people are more aware of the harsh effects of cleaning chemicals, most people are looking for greener ways to clean. The benefits speak for themselves.